Kris Jenner Defends Kanye West

Sent! A link has been sent to your friend’s email address. 14 To find out more about Facebook commenting please read the Conversation Guidelines and FAQs Kris Jenner defends Kanye West Cindy Clark, USA TODAY 10:15 a.m. EDT October 5, 2013 The Kardashians matriarch says Kanye is a “great dad and a wonderful person.” This Aug. 19, 2013 photo shows singer Kanye West, left, with host Kris Jenner during a taping of her talk show ‘Kris,’ in Culver City, Calif. West proclaims his love for Jenner’s daughter, Kim Kardashian, and their daughter North in the interview airing Friday, Aug.

“I love him so much,” Jenner said , “and he’s such an amazing boyfriend to Kim and a great dad and a wonderful person.” “And that’s why I thought it was so cool to have him on my show, and I got to sit down with him for an entire hour, and I think people saw this other side to him,” Jenner added. “He’s creative and he’s an amazing, amazing human being, he really is. And he doesn’t always do interviews and get the chance to realy express himself like that, so I was really glad that I got a chance to sit down and talk with him,” she said. West, who was just spotted sporting an adorable necklace with his daughter’s nickname, offered similarly affectionate praise for Kardashian during the aforementioned “Kris” interview back in August. “I could have people saying, ‘This is going to damage your credibility as an artist or as a designer, and I say, ‘I don’t care.

Just like Kim! Kanye West spotted wearing touching nameplate necklace for daughter Nori

Billboard 200 chart. It was met with immediate acclaim, with some critics suggesting that it was the best debut album ever released by a hip-hop artist. “Jesus Walks” was the album’s third single and the world’s introduction to West’s religious beliefs. The song received praise from critics for its open conversation of faith in the secular rap community. The gospel-choir hook of “Jesus walks” flows over lyrics like, “God, show me the way because the devil trying to break me down. …

The Kanye God complex

Kanye West went on a bizarre Twitter attack against Jimmy Kimmel last week after the host made fun of his recent BBC Radio 1 interview with Zane Lowe, but after Kanye then deleted his online rant, sources now say that it was the rappers other half Kim Kardashian that made him get rid of the tweets. Kim and Kanye are currently in Paris for Fashion Week, finally making a public appearance following the birth of their baby daughter North back in June and it seems like the Keeping Up With The Kardashians beauty wants as much good press as possible, with sources saying that this is the reason why she made Kanye delete the online posts. He was initially fairly reserved in his haughty response, tweeting: Jimmy Kimmel is out of line to try and spoof in any way the first piece of honest media in years. If you say so, Kanye. But then the rappers rant took a turn for the personal, as he tweeted: Sarah Silverman is a thousand times funnier than you and the whole world knows it! He continued his Twitter rage with: Jimmy Kimmel put yourself in my shoes Oh no that means you would have gotten too much good **** in your life Kimmel responded in good humour and dismissed the insults, laughing that he was finally in a rap feud. We hope that Kanye is just a little embarrassed as he deleted his tweets shortly after his social media meltdown. Perhaps thats his version of an apology.

Jenner had only good things to say about West when Hello Ross host Ross Mathews asked about the rapper, who is dating one of Jenners daughters, Kim Kardashian. The Jenner-Kardashian matriarch dished , I love him so much, and hes such an amazing boyfriend to Kim and a great dad and a wonderful person. Kris lavished compliments on her daughters boyfriend, adding, Hes creative and hes an amazing, amazing human being. She went on to tell Mathews that she was excited to have Kanye on her talk show, because she got to sit down with him for an hour and help people see this other side to him. Were certainly seeing signs that Kanye West may be settling down a bit now that he is a father. The oft-controversial rapper was spotted recently wearing an adorable necklace bearing his daughter North Wests nickname, Nori. Jenner also spoke about Kim and Kanyes recent trip to Paris, which allowed the grandmother to babysit Nori . The matriarch recalled, It was so much fun. Its just a really delicious time with those kids and shes just the best mom in the world, theyre great parents. Kanye isnt above praising the mother of his child either.

Kris Jenner Defends Kanye West, Calls Him A ‘Great Dad’

Squeee! Kim and Kanye are clearly besotted with their tiny tot and she released Kim Kardashian full video download an Instagram of Nori swaddled in a blanket Friday Home sweet home: The 36-year-old rapper accessorised his baby bling with a grey T-shirt, black skinny jeans, and matching high-tops Baby bling: The 21-time Grammy winner was toting a luxurious Louis Vuitton bag Expensive tastes: West then hopped into his sleek black Lamborghini It was only the second ever picture released of little North following her televised debut on Kris Jenner’s now-cancelled talk show. However the reality star, who turns 33 this month, also uses a picture of the ultra-cute infant as her cell phone screensaver. The couple of 18 months just returned from Paris where they attended the Givenchy Spring 2014 runway show. Child-free getaway: The couple of 18 months just returned from Paris where they attended the Givenchy Spring 2014 runway show While in Europe, Kim took a train to London where she took part in a ‘top secret photo shoot’ with Nick Knight. The British fashion photographer helmed Kanye’s music video for Black Skinhead and he recently collaborated with Courtney Stodden for an artsy S&M shoot.

Kanye West: Love’s more important than branding

“IT’S NOT CALLED GLOW IN THE DARK FOR NO REASON SQUID BRAINS!” September 2008: Yeezy’s beef with paparazzi didn’t just start in May 2013, when he hit his head on a street sign while trying to get away from them. No, this battle of wills goes all the way back to September 2008, when West was arrested on felony vandalism charges at Los Angeles International Airport after he got into a skirmish with two paps and allegedly damaged their cameras. September 2009: Even with his noted troublemaking at past awards shows, no one — including West — had figured out by September 2009 that they weren’t the best places for him to hang out. What transpired at the MTV event is one of the most infamous moments in live TV, as he interrupted Taylor Swift during her acceptance speech for the Best Female Music Video. July 2010: Before Amanda Bynes, Kanye West had the Twitter account to watch . His posts, frequently in all caps, would go from random, humorous comments to epic rants, to an 80-plus-tweet business plan for “DONDA.” He’s since scaled waaaaay back on the 140-character updates, and we’ll admit that we miss them.

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