Kim Kardashian Completely Unrecognizable After Makeunder For ‘celebrities Undercover’


It’s rare that the woman steps out of the house without a full face of makeup and a professional blowout — even after working up a sweat. That’s why the 33-year-old’s makeunder for Oxygen’s new show “Celebrities Undercover” is so remarkable. The reality star is completely unrecognizable as she’s transformed with the help of facial prosthetics, a curly wig and glasses. Armed with her new look and a weird fake accent that isn’t spoken anywhere on the planet, Kardashian takes on the name Cynthia in hopes of tricking three fans for the purpose of the show. CORRECTION: An earlier version of this article misstated the title of the Oxygen show on which Kardashian appeared.
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Would You Recognize Kim Kardashian In This Disguise?

In another test of their loyalty, the trio were offered gifts meant for Kim, but they refused to take them. It’s me: Kim eventually had to whip off her wig and reveal herself Shock: Kim’s fans couldn’t believe it was really her when she took off her disguise You can’t be serious: On the show the three supporters were told by Kim’s fake assistant that she had spent the night with rapper Eminem No way: The supporters were given several tasks to test their loyalty, but unbeknown to them they were being filmed on undercover cameras Kim eventually had to come clean and reveal she was Cynthia when she moved from her office to her own house and her sister Kourtney Kardashian and her boyfriend Scott Disick showed up. However, before the 33-year-old star could whip off her wig and false teeth, Kourtney started quizzing her as Cynthia and didn’t even recognise it was her sibling. Wendy, who is executive producer on the show, previously said: ‘The celebrities featured in the series threw themselves into their undercover roles with passion and a ton of humour, giving viewers a new, highly entertaining spin on their public personas.’ Stumped sibling: Kim’s sister Kourtney didn’t even realise she was pretending to be Cynthia and started quizzing her as a fan Disbelief: The reality TV star couldn’t believe that her sister Kourtney didn’t even recognise her Unrecognisable: Kim still didn’t look like herself after whipping her wig off This comes after Kim recently displayed another makeover when she appeared to have been made-under during a stroll in West Hollywood on Monday. The star looked less tanned and showed off a newly short haircut during a day out in the sun.
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Kim Kardashian gets more work done: Reality star goes undercover in a curly wig and wonky teeth for new show… and not even Kourtney recognises her

<img src='; width='500px' alt='He won't thank you for that! Although Kim's flashback photo was a gesture that was no doubt filled with love, it unwittingly drew attention to how much thinner Rob was two learn more years ago as they partied at 1OAK nightclub in Las Vegas’ style=’float:left;padding:5px’ />

The reality star put n a wig, fake teeth, and had professional makeup artists add so weight so her face to make her appear so different her sister Kourtney didn’t recognize her. Check out her look in the video below. Kim joined several women for a group interview for the job of Kim’s assistant to find out what they had to say when they thought Kim was not around. The women holding the job interview explained Kim was “running late,” then let them read a personal message from Kim blaming her tardiness on a fling with Eminem .
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