Claudia Schiffer Disses Kim Kardashian For Being Paid Escort

The Game has stirred quite a bit of controversy surrounding his recent hangouts with Khloe Kardashian, and now her sister Kim has gotten in the mix. In an interview with BBC Radio’s DJ Charlie Sloth, last week, the Cali rapper spoke about rumors surrounding he and Khloe. In doing so, he revealed that he once dated Kim. “You know what man? Those are just rumors man,” he said. “It’s funny ’cause me and Khloe are like — we cool.

I declined, and some other supermodel took it. Its not all about money. I just want to be able to walk down the street and be proud of what I do. In effect, Schiffer is indirectly taking a shot at reality TV sensation Kim Kardashian who agreed to appear as the paid escort for 81-year-old Austrian billionaire Richard Lugner at the Vienna Opera Ball on Thursday, February 27th. According to, Kardashian was paid a reported 500K to appear as Lugners date for the evening and has gotten slammed by internet pundits for the move. weighed in on Kims exploits as a paid escort for Richard Lugner: We thought after carefully managing her image over the past few years that Kim Kardashian was above the level of paid escort as a publicity stunt.

There has been talk about stomach stapling in order to hit the goal before the summer wedding. While the pressure may be on for Rob Kardashian, his fans are standing behind him. Living in the shadows of his sisters’ success has got to take a toll on Kardashian’s psyche. If the 70 pounds doesn’t come off by the wedding, Kardashian may face some harsh criticism from his family.

Kardashian Widow’s Defamation Lawsuit Against Reality TV Clan, Ryan Seacrest Prods & Bunim-Murray Survives

According to Gossip Center on Sunday, there was plenty of attention for the stars. More Photos View all 5 photos Standing next to each other, the sisters wanted to make sure the fans got to see the stars in action. With the ladies standing side by side, it was obvious that Kim and Khloe Kardashian were looking for attention, but Kourtney definitely wasn’t looking for any extra attention. One of her sisters was showing plenty of skin, Kourtney kept it all covered up and didn’t reveal too much. Some of the biggest names of the entertainment business were celebrating the big night at Hollywood.

Kris Jenner puts harsh demands on Rob Kardashian for ‘Kimye’ wedding

In that desire they failed. In her 4-claim complaint filed last August against the family and the production companies, Ellen Kardashian said that she was slagged on-air, portrayed as a gold digger and had statements from her deceased husband incorrectly put in her mouth. The plaintiff said this was all part of a constructed reality TV plotline on Season 8 of the Kardashians sordid, decadent and scandalous show last year. Part of that, said Kardashian came out of a $500,000 manufactured lawsuit by the clan that was filed in federal court in April 4, 2013 over her late husbands diary and photo albums. This shameful rewriting of history by the Kardashian siblings, at the direction and behest of Jenner, Seacrest, and The Production Company, was motivated by profit and is an insult to thelegacy of their own father, said the summer 2013 complaint from Robert Kardashians widow of the June 2013 Keeping Up With The Kim Kardashian sex watch Kardashians episode. We are pleased with the courts ruling overruling the Kardashians special motion to strike as to the defamatory statements made by the Kardashians against our client, Ellen Kardashians attorney Arnold Peter told me today.

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