Kim Kardashian Bids Paris Au Revoir Picture | Kim Kardashian Through The Years – Abc News

Kim had beauty editors buzzing when she showed up at the 17th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards sans false lashes, opting for her naturally long set. Kim attends the movie premiere for the mystery-thriller “Unknown,” which stars read this Liam Neeson, Diane Kruger and January Jones, wearing a pumped-up ponytail and center-parted bangs. Kim parties it up at the QVC Red Carpet Style event in side-swept strands, bronze complexion and bold red lips. Perfectly placed auburn highlights add warmth to KIm’s signature hairdo. Kim’s statement earrings weren’t the only things that caught our eye at the 2011 Glamour Women of the Year Awards in London. The reality star looked sophisticated in a sleek updo, doll-like lashes, pink blush and lipstick.

12. Kim K Digs the Gold Kim Kardashian’s back in her skivvies for the French magazine Factice. Kardashian poses in a variety of lace and fur getups for the fashion mag. Factice Magazine Kim K Greeted by Fans, Protesters in Bahrain A gold Rolex isn’t bling enough for Kim Kardashian. She Instagrammed a photo of her heavily accessorized arm on Dec. 4, featuring the Rolex and big Celine bangles.

The Kardashian Clan Threatened by Pranksters, Kris Jenner Is Desperate

The momager is said to be fussing over the fact that some diabolical group of men and women have been going out of their way to play several tricks on the Kardashians. TMZ is saying that Kris is becoming paranoid about this, after she came up with this theory following some scandals in the press. First, there was the rumor that Kris had a lewd tape that was leaked to the press, then there were other stories, also about her, this time with her dating a rapper, then with Kim’s wedding, and let’s not forget the one about Rob Kardashian in rehab. What’s even more ridiculous is that fact that Kris is convinced that there is a prankster out there who looks exactly like her and who goes about in town impersonating her. In her opinion, this is the only way to explain that someone has been booking photo shoots and fancy restaurants around the country in her name.

Kim Kardashian’s Extreme Atkins Diet To Lose Five Pounds

Quelle horreur: She doesnt really drink, but she likes a glass of red wine with dinner and coffee in the morning but her Atkins mania wont allow her those anymore. She wont even have a sip. That quotation makes Atkins Mania sound like a serious disease, like rabies, even though giving up liquid calories isnt that uncommon for dieters.Honestly, her diet doesnt sound that extreme at all. Among juice cleanses and raw diets and even programs like Jenny Craig, the future wife of Kanye Wests diet sounds pretty normal compared to the those of other celebrity weight loss endeavors. Why would a sex symbol known for her impressive booty go to such great lengths (sarcastic eye-roll) to lose a couple of pounds?

Kris Jenner — Prankster Ring Is Sabotaging the Kardashian Family |

Kris Jenner thinks so. Sources close to Kris tell us, the matriarch is convinced she and the rest of the Kardashian family are the victims in an elaborate prank plot — and she believes the people behind it are the same people who spread rumors she was in a sex tape . We’re told the group is responsible for a string of pranks against the family — planting bogus stories about the sex tape, Kris dating a rapper, Kim’s wedding, Rob Kardashian in rehab, and more. Even crazier …

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