Kendall Jenner Makes Her U.s. Vogue Modeling Debut –

“I was thinking about Boy Scout uniforms,” the designer told Vogue of the scarves. Jenner is a burgeoning model, and posed for the June/July issue of Vogue Paris. She has covered and appeared in several other magazines, and walked the runway for New York and Paris Fashion Week . Sister Kim Kardashian and her husband, Kanye West , graced the cover of U.S. Vogue earlier this year.
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‘2 Broke Girls’ meet one rich girl: Kim Kardashian | Inside TV |

The star tweeted that she will appear in an episode of CBS2 Broke Girls, which is set to air on Monday, Oct. 27. Kardashian did not mention whether she will be playing herself or a new character on the show. Her most recent forays into comedy, both onHow I Met Your Mother and a live episode of30 Rock, however, indicate it will more likely be the former. Kardashians other scripted work includesa four-episode arc onDrop Dead Divaand guest spots on CSI: NYandAmerican Dad.
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The Story Behind Sam Smith And Kim Kardashian’s Friendship – MTV

After that encounter, Kim called Sam her friend when she was presenting the nominees for the Artist to Watch category at the VMAs this year. Then the two took some more Instas togetherthis time Kylie and Kendall were there too. So what happened when they met? Shes beautiful.
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