| – Move Over North West, Kanye West Baby-making Ways On Deck

Kim Kardashian shot the instantly iconic ass photo because its her last stand before getting pregnant again TMZ has learned. We know Kim is telling close friends and family shes about to get pregnant again, and wants to show off her body before the weight gain. Shes proud she dumped the weight after North was born and wants to show her tight figure off. (TMZ) Check out this hint Kim K gave about having another kid right here Continued On Page: 1 2

Detroit’s Big Sean plays for ‘Lions,’ gets Kanye West’s coaching in new video |

And I basically just told off anybody that stopped messing with me when I got quote-unquote “less hot” than I was. Or, you know, anybody I knew was gonna start calling me again once they needed me. And that’s happened a lot. You know, a lot of people just use you when they need you and, you know, whenever you’re getting picked on the most that’s when they stopped messing with you, you know, because they don’t wanna be associated with somebody that’s getting picked on. And basically just airing out the industry.

Kanye West Turns Up To Young Thug | Hip-Hop Wired

Big Sean’s buddy Kanye West makes a cameo as “Coach Yeezus,” too. Yeah, you’ll have to just watch the video posted on E! Online’s website. The video for the song was released on Thursday. WARNING: If you click on the E!

T-Pain Rises Above The Haters : NPR

They didnt have any security, says a witness. Kanye had one guy with him, who looked like an assistant. He was Kim Kardashian sex video watch online shaking hands with people. It was packed, but they were in the crowd dancing and mouthing the words to the songs. West also appears on the track Cant Stop. It was at said party where Yeezy and London were spotted turning up to Young Thugs 2 Bs (Danny Glover). While the New Slaves rapper was having a great time singing along, Kardashian looked too cool for school. Maybe she saw a photographer taking her pic so she wanted to look just right?

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